CDPAP Program Enrollment

Fast-Track Application for CDPAP

Steps to Follow

The following steps are important to get approval fast for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

Step 1

Know Your Situation

The best way to fast track the program enrollment process for CDPAP are different for difference situations. For example, if you are already receiving home care with a Medicaid plan, your enrollment process is usually faster than somebody who is not yet enrolled in a Medicaid plan. Your VIP Home Care Specialist can explain to you what the steps are and the most efficient process to reduce time to get enrolled and approved for this program.

Step 2

Good Communication

Timely Communications is essential in getting you or your family member enrolled in CDPAP quickly.  Slow communications often results in missed opportunities and slows the process down. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this step.

Step 3

Get Involved and organized

The paperwork needs to be completed either by you, your caretaker or the doctor for many CDPAP cases. It’s important to have all your paperwork organized when you meet with a VIP Home Care Specialist.  This will ensure that the process is smooth and your application can be handled in a timely manner.

Step 4

Understand Deadlines

The plans have strict deadlines. When you’re enrolling in a Medicaid Plan, you will need to understand the application submission deadlines for the coming month. Our VIP Home Care Specialist will help you with the enrollment process paperwork and make you aware of any pending deadlines that may affect the the speed and/or approval of your application.

Step 5

Choose a Fiscal Intermediary (FI)

Part of the enrollment process requires you to appoint someone to be the financial intermediary person responsible for paying your personal assistant(s). VIP Home Care is a New York State Certified Financial Intermediary and has dedicated staff to assist you with every step of the CDPAP enrollment process – both during your enrollment, and once your services begins. We value all of our client's business and will work hard on your behalf to deliver exceptional service personalized to your specific needs.  Our name says it all, VIP Home Care stands for “Very Important Patient Home Care”, Home Care that is Personal